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About us

ParkSol is driver information and parking guidance system which is designed to improve the management of car parks and end user (customer) services. It eases search and reservation of parking spaces, resulting in significant time and energy saving. ParkSol has huge positive impact on customer satisfaction and marketable reputation as convenient-comfort parking.


ParkSol - Parking Guidance System


  • Provides accurate information and reliable performance.
  • Improves parking efficiency up to 30%.
  • Reduces traffic congestion and environmental pollution.
  • Positively impacts customer satisfaction and marketable reputation.
  • Minimizes parking lot management and maintenance cost.
  • Increases parking revenues and overall profitability.


The occupancy of each parking space is constantly monitored via ultrasonic or magnetic sensors. This information is collected with the help of data concentrators and is sent to the computer, where the ParkSol software accurately directs drivers to areas of vacant parking spaces. Moreover, it provides occupancy level analysis over the specified periods of time, allowing parking managers to make intelligent and timely decisions that improve operational excellence of parking lot.

ParkSol system can be adopted to meet specific customer needs. Additionally, it can be customized and integrated with other suppliers systems such as lighting, access control barriers, payment systems, etc. ParkSol provides customers with the highest quality products, implementation and support services for which, as a manufacturer, is absolutely responsible.

ParkSol integration with LedSol
ParkSol integration with LedSol
New manufacturing laboratory
JSC "Arevita" opened new laboratory for manufacturing ParkSol and LedSol.
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Welcome to Visit ParkSol at the most authoritative traffic technology exhibition in the world!


ParkSol system was successfully implemented and integrated at Kivisydän underground parking.

Recent projects

Underground parking in the Lahti city center, Finland


Address: Lahti, Finland

Description: 610 spaces parking


Underground parking in the Leuven city, Belgium


Address: Leuven, Belgium

Description:  500 spaces parking



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Visit us at the Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016 exhibition on 5-8 April 2016, RAI Amsterdam Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands!!!